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Navigating the constantly moving landscape of sustainability standards is challenging. That’s why we have developed a range of tools, specifically tailored for different actors along the value chain, enabling them to make informed decisions, better understand the sustainability initiatives landscape and connect with like-minded business partners.

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Latest updates


“Linking voluntary standards to Sustainable Development Goals” publication launched within the framework of the Geneva Trade Week.

The report found that VSS relevant to the SDGs are widely available among countries and economic sectors. Going beyond minimum legal standards set by governments, such standards seek to reduce adverse environmental and social effects of business activity.


Developing and improving sustainability management capacities for MSMEs in Peru

T4SD has an active presence in Peru, where it works on developing and improving management capacities on issues of sustainability and international trade.


Launch of the 10th version of the Standards Map back-end database: the Data Entry Tool (D.E.T) 10!

This 10th revision has also focused on streamlining certain benchmarking criteria to maximize the potential for data recovery, and reshuffle the overall architecture of the D.E.T to improve its accessibility and user-friendliness.

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